Thursday, May 26, 2011

UMSL & UMKC: Does Academic Liberty Mean The Freedom To Conceal A Lie?

Over a month ago, some videos came to light that showed that a socialist and a communist professor were not only expressing their socialist and communist thoughts, but had brought in a communist agitator and recruiter in to proselytize to their classes, unchallenged.

Among the standard socialistic and communistic beliefs they declined to keep private, were advice on how to gain an edge in labor negotiations by using actual sabotage and the threat of physical force against a business and it's personnel... or by reaping the benefit of violence by effectively causing them to fear that there would be damage to their property or person. Class time was also used to give a communist agitator a platform to denounce America, assert it's flag was a banner of racism, and call for the overthrow of property rights.

The professor's said that this was all taken out of context.

The release of additional video's and information about them seemed to demonstrate, in their own words, that these were indeed the full meaning of the full context.

UMSL encouraged commie professor Giljum to resign. For awhile.

After Don Giljum assaulted videographer Adam Sharp of SharpElbows, destroyed his camera, lied about his attack and encouraged students to do the same, and subsequent back up video proved his lie... he was rehired. And UMSL & UMKC said that what the prof's said was all taken out of context.
Frustrated, the student who first brought the video evidence to light, Philip Christofanelli, came out and verified that having sat through the entire class, these videos were in fact portrayed the factual and contextual content of the class.

UMSL & UMKC came out and says that after reviewing the full tapes... they think nothing improper happened in their labor relations class and that all is well.

St. Louis Tea Party co-founder, radio talk show host and editor of Big Journalism, Dana Loesch, after personally sitting through the entire 30 hours of class videos, has stated that in her estimation Christofanelli's characterization, and that of the videos that have been release, do indeed give an accurate depiction of the content and character of these classes.

Numerous bloggers, myself included, have dug into the history of Don Giljum, Judy Ancel, and the commie agitator, and the uses they put to their unions, and have found a long history of actions and often detailed statements which show that these video clips are entirely consistent with their past actions and statements.


Well, here's a thought, seeing as how:

  • UMSL & UMKC are publicly chartered and funded universities,
  • operating in the name of the citizens of the state of Missouri,
  • Missouri's state constitution makes some very clear statements about the meaning and importance of property rights,
  • a student, backed by video evidence, claims two of it's professors have at the very least violated that trust, if not in fact the law as well,
  • reams of evidence exists which is consistent with the videos and students accusations assert,
, with all of that in mind, how's about that we the taxpayers of Missouri are given something more substantive than the word of those who are not only colleagues in fact and spirit with these professors, but who themselves might face consequences if these videos are in fact true, how about We The People are given something more than their say-so that this student, and the videos, lied?

Why has the Press, which is supposed to look out for the interests of the people and keep a close eye on the abuse of power, why are they allowing this to go unquestioned? Why are they accepting the word of these people who are operating in positions of power, to go unverified, when the means to verifying the charges so are readily available?

Seeing as though the entire course content is on video, and that video is what was used by the Provost and Chancellors of UMSL & UMKC to not only supposedly refute and repudiate the claims of Christofanelli, but to accuse him and Breitbart of dropping context in order to lie and slander our state funded university classes, how's about UMSL & UMKC release the full transcripts of these classes and point out to us just where the full context exonerates character and judgment of our university system?

Show us where the full context of these classes content not only refutes these claims - which I would consider heinous if false - but somehow establishes a context where it was perfectly wackademically fair and balanced to give an unchallenged platform for a communist agitator to preach the overthrow of property rights in Missouri and America?

Because if they can't do that, or can but won't, if UMSL & UMKC are not willing to exonerate our university system with the facts they claim to have, which is nothing more than the word for word transcript of what was actually said in our publicly funded classrooms, if UMSL & UMKC aren't willing to do that, then it leaves the much more than just the appearance that UMSL & UMKC are using the cover of wackademic liberty to conceal a lie.

Remember, this is not just a lie, but lying about what amounts to criminal and even semi-treasonous statements and calls to action from the position of our university system, to our students entrusted to the state, under loco-parentis, to show due diligence and care for.

For me? That' a problem. How about you?

UMSL & UMKC release the transcripts of the tapes!

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Ex-Dissident said...

Are we overprotective as parents? I work with many Indian immigrants. They have no difficulty distinguishing between nonsense and sense, and they teach their kids at home. Their school classes are also filled with communist propaganda. I' don't know why they are less affected by it. It may have something to do with the fact that in Asia people are exposed to financial responsibility early.

I've been following financial blogs such as zero-hedge lately, and its amazing how even the Ron Paulians, Nazis, Commies, and conspiracy theorists express clear headed thoughts when it comes to money. Perhaps running a lemonade stand should be brought back as a right of passage and any government clerk interfering with this activity should be jailed?