Tuesday, May 10, 2011

UMSL & UMKC: Professing the Poisoning of Minds - FIRE THEM!

I’ve got a question for you. Think of the people you’ve known in life who’ve proven to be dishonest; when you’ve caught them, um, red handed, did they answer your charges or try to divert attention and weasel out of it?

Here’s another question, say you were part owner in a restaurant, if you walked into the kitchen and found one of the cooks teaching the staff and customers, how to mix poison into the vichyssoise, would you let them continue? Or would you fire them and remove all trace of their entire gastric plan (‘Fun with cyanide’) from the menu? If they and their friends attempted to shout you down by saying that you were interfering with their culinary freedom, would you even allow them to finish their sentence before bodily pitching them out the door?

Then you are definitely not in a position of authority in the University of Missouri system. After reviewing the full tapes of which the video below shows a mere contextual sampling of, they had this to say:
“...We have finally completed viewing the videos originating at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) from the UMSL course Introduction to Labor Studies. The excerpts that were made public showing the University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) instructor Don Giljum and students as well as the UMKC instructor and students were definitely taken out of context, with their meaning highly distorted through splicing and editing from different times within a class period and across multiple class periods.

 As stated previously, our campus supports academic freedom, civility, diversity, open discourse and the pursuit of knowledge…
Tom George, Chancellor
 Glen Cope, Provost”
I have this to say: Fire Them.

Read the article by Philip Christofanelli “‘Introduction to Labor Studies’ – My First-Hand Account”, he not only reviewed this course, but sat through the entire thing himself, and see if you can fathom any defense for the judgment and actions of Judy Ancel and Don Giljum.

While being a communist is not a crime, using a classroom as a means of proselytizing communist ideas and tactics, discussing the finer points of intimidation, sabotage and violence under the cover of a legitimate class (how ‘labor relations’ ever became a legitimate college class is another matter) which our students attend on our taxpayer dime, should at the very least be an academic crime.

Like the other dishonest people you’ve known in the past, UMSL and UMKC are attempting to divert attention to ‘academic freedom’ in order to weasel out of what they’ve been caught Red handed allowing on their campuses. The real issue has to do with the fact that Judy Ancel is at the very least a supporter of an ideology dedicated to overthrowing the government of the United States of America (see my previous post), that she, along with Don Giljum (an avowed Communist and union thug), supports the use of violence to accomplish their goals, and that far from keeping those their personal views, they both boldly brought them into the classroom, made them the center of the course, and even actually brought a communist party activist into class and gave him an unchallenged platform to spew his party line from for two hours in front of your kids.

In the name of academic freedom? Fire Them!

This was not a simple case of misjudgment, Giljum lives what they taught in this course and Ancel has long sought to subvert the interests of the United States of America, even to the point of supporting the Seattle WTO riots and denouncing the AFL-CIO’s tepid assistance to American interests during the cold war, simply because that assistance supported the United States of America.

These people are avowed enemies of the free market, who are intent on finding creative new ways for labor thugs to interfere with the operations of, and even to shut down businesses, in order to advance their ideal of ‘workers of the world unite’. Both of these professors of political perversion are actively supporting and furthering the aims of a political organization dedicated to overthrowing our constitution, our way of life and of wiping out freedom entirely – have you forgotten the history of the Communist party?!

They hate this nation and everything it stands for, and they are teaching that hatred to our students. Fire Them!

Should other professors on the University of Missouri campuses fear for their positions?

Damn right they should, if they not only agree with, but engage in spreading their ideas under the guise of taxpayer supported classrooms, they should fear being fired on the spot. And if the taxpayers had in charge responsible people in positions of authority on campus, unlike the provost, that is exactly what would happen.

That has not happened. The responsible people in both universities have reviewed the tapes and found there to be nothing wrong.

Remove this ‘labor relations’ course from the course offerings of all colleges in the University of Missouri system. Fire Judy Ancel. Fire Don Giljum. Fire Provost Herd. Fire Provost Cope. Fire Chancellor George.

Before hiring any new professors, it'd be a good idea to check and see whether or not their goals include wanting to overthrow the free market, wipe out property rights and train their students in the methods of tactical intimidation and violence in order to expand the power of the Communist party

Am I overreacting? Take a look at just a couple snippets from Phillip's account of their class:

“Another assignment was to evaluate unions’ political strategy “supporting its political friends and defeating its political enemies.” The syllabus said: “Based upon both its economic support and campaign support, [labor] has given to primarily Democratic and some Republicans has Labor benefited legislatively sufficiently to continue this political approach or should it seek to establish its own political party as suggested by Yates in Why Unions Matter.” (Try, for a moment, to forgive the professors’ egregious syntax.)
That assignment was due the week following the class in which Prof. Giljum had discussed at length his membership in the Communist Party. He said he had joined because, in his words, “the American Communist Party was essentially the only party political group that was seriously focusing exclusively on the working class and labor issues and the rights of workers.” He added that one of the political goals of the Communist Party was to “recapture that party [i.e. the Democratic Party] and have it merge with ours.”
Prof. Giljum then introduced Tony Pecinovsky, a local organizer for the Communist Party, who proceeded to speak to us for two hours about the beliefs of the Communist Party and the benefits of membership. That’s right–the Communist Party was allowed two hours of publicly subsidized class time to recruit. Thank you, Missouri taxpayers!”

This wasn’t surreptitious whispering in off hours between a professor and a favored student or two, this was the main thrust of the class, broadcast across the entire state!

Fire Them!

There is no excuse for this, there is no justification for this. It would be wrong for a Free Market oriented professor to provide a similarly unbalanced class and would also be grounds for termination, but at least it would be promoting freedom, not it’s eradication under collectivist totalitarian aims. There is no place in a political science class for this type of behavior. As Phillip points out,
“I have attended many political science classes, taught by some of the best political scientists in the country, at Washington University. Labeling complex pieces of legislation as “anti-worker attacks,” and using political cartoons as lecture notes, is not political science; it is partisan politics and pure propaganda. Credible political scientists are supposed to be able to tell the difference; these professors did not and perhaps could not.”
UMKC states they have reviewed the full class course. If they did, and saw nothing wrong with any of this, then the entire UMKC staff, and that of UMSL as well, who reviewed this, and found no problem, have at least saved us the need of reviewing their competence – they’ve already shown us that they are a significant part of the problem.

Fire Provost Herd! Fire Provost Cope! Fire Chancellor George!

Again, from Philip’s post on Big Government,
“So let’s be clear: Prof. Giljum was teaching tactics which are, by his own admission, illegal and destructive because, in his view, the ends justify the means. Is it really the position of the University of Missouri that this sort of instruction is appropriate?”
Yes. It is. Fire them!
“In fact, I believe, they are the real opponents of academic freedom. Prof. Ancel wants to make classes like hers “part of every school’s curriculum, certainly in our universities.” That kind of indoctrination is directly contrary to the mission of a university.”
“In fact, Prof. Ancel said: “All labor education materials are uncopyrighted and to be shared. We do not believe for the most part in intellectual property rights. That’s one of the principles of labor education: we share.” Well, Prof. Ancel, by that standard, I guess I should get an A.”
If there’s to be any hope of getting this nation back again, we have got to put an end to the scum who’ve been deliberately corrupting and mentally disfiguring our kids.

Certainly this isn't reflective of all, or maybe not even most teachers or professors, but before trusting your students (and tax dollars) to any teachers or university system, it'd be a good idea to check and see whether or not their goals include wanting to overthrow the free market, wipe out property rights and invite active Communist Party operatives in to their class in order to give them a platform to help train their students in methods of using tactical intimidation and violence in order to shut down businesses, terrorize their owners and expand the power of the Communist party.

We’re sure living up to our motto of being the “Show Me State”, aren’t we? Lets try and reclaim at least a little bit of respect, Fire Them!

If this is happening in Missouri, as boldly and fearlessly as it is... imagine what is happening in your state - at your expense - http://biggovernment.com/pchristofanelli/2011/05/09/introduction-to-labor-studies-my-first-hand-account/


mushroom said...

I've contacted my local state rep and state senator about this. I hope everyone else does as well.

Putting a person "in fear of his life" is criminal assault in Missouri. The way I read some of the statements, Ancel and Giljum are conspiring to commit criminal acts. After they are fired, they should be prosecuted.

Sal said...

When I started following this story, I thought, "Damn, why did you do that in VAN'S state?"
Nothing enrages me more than the elitist "Move along- your betters have determined that there's nothing to see here" attitude.
Excellent coverage, all.

Van Harvey said...

Thanks, Sal. The problem with their attitude, is that, unlike in the past, today we can all see them doing it, and worst of all for them, beyond the anger that provokes in us, they are visibly laughably ridiculous doing it.

And they hate the laughter most of all... it burnsss