Thursday, September 16, 2021

Terrible Ideas Have Terrible Consequences

I soOooo love and agree with this video from James Lindsay, of New Discourses, on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. You should listen to the entire video, but if nothing else, listen and pay attention to the first five minutes of it, and take it very seriously. Your life, and the lives of everyone you care about, depend upon it.

Yes, I'm serious about that. Just as you wouldn't allow a child to play with a loaded gun, to allow anyone, especially a child, to play with a deadly ideology, or to let others play with one around your kids and family members as if it wasn't loaded with soul piercing projectiles, is an insanely negligent and dangerous thing to do.

Do you really not know what time it is? Picture this: Once upon a time, the Bronze Age came along and obsoleted the tools of the Stone Age. It wasn't as if the older rocks and clubs couldn't still kill you, but they were mown down by the weapons of bronze. And then the Iron Age came along and obsoleted the weapons of the Bronze Age, and similarly the bronze swords & spears could still kill you, but they were no match for the weapons of iron. Likewise, just as the Steel Age came along and obsoleted the tools of the Iron Age, the Industrial Age came along and obsoleted the weapons of the Steel Age - all the old weapons could of course still kill you, but they had nothing on the weapons of industry that could kill hundreds and thousands from the air, and from beyond the horizon. Today we live in the Ideological Age, and people are much too slowly coming to grips with how it has obsoleted the strategies and tactics of Industrial Age warfare - not that bullets, tanks & bombs can't still kill you, of course, but as the 20th Century demonstrated to the tune of 100+ million lives (Mao used ideology to bring about the deaths of millions while he was safely 'out of power'), mere physical weapons pale in comparison to the destructive force of ideologies being transmitted ever more quickly and through ever less physical forms of media - and again, it's not that industrial weapons can't still kill millions from afar, but that it pales in comparison to purely ideological weapons that can lay your very soul to waste within you, and can obliterate the structures of entire nation states their cultures too.

With each new age, those who don't come to understand the weapons of their age in time, are wiped out by it.

If you shrug this off, then you are foolishly clinging to the obsolete implements of an earlier age and simply do not understand what it is that we are up against, as it pertains to CRT (Critical Race Theory), SEL (Social Emotional Learning), DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion), CT (Critical Theory), Inclusion, etc., etc., etc.,. I've been study‌ing the development of this garbage for a couple decades now, and most people have shrugged it off that entire time. Well the culmination of a decade of decades of effort from the worst of the Pro-Regressive Left (and Right), have finally put them within a hair's breadth of the power that they've been grasping towards for over a century, and if you don't take it seriously, your ignorance is going to cost you the life you'd hoped to be able to live.

James Lindsay has been fascinating to watch as he's taken up this fight. Over the last several years, he's gone from taking a mostly academic approach towards a discredited system of thought, to that of the sober horror of someone who, while washing the mud off of an object they'd thought was an old dish, gradually realizes that it is actually an active and armed landmine that they're scrubbing, in the middle of their kitchen with their entire family standing around them.

James Lindsay is someone who has come to deeply understand the deadly nature of what he's dealing with, and it's with that in mind that you should pay attention to what he's trying to communicate to you here:
"...To understand Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, you have to understand where those ideas are coming from. I realize there's a bit of chutzpah involved in this room to say that "Ideas have consequences", but... they do, it's true. And the set of ideas that stands behind Diversity, Inclusion and Equity, makes those words not mean what you think they mean - and if you don't understand that, you're NOT ready to talk about it.

I recently gave a talk to a group of conservatives, and at the end, a lady raised her hand and said:
"I don't want to have to be smarter, I don't want to have to read another book, I don't want to have to understand, I just want to tell these people they're wrong because I know I'm right, and I know they're wrong."
, and I had a picture in my mind, of somebody, ya know, the nazis bombing London, and somebody saying
"I don't want to know what an airplane is, I don't want to build anti-aircraft gun, I just want them to stop."
You've GOT to understand where these ideas come from. I've dedicated the last... several years of my life to helping people understand the ideology, and in fact the worldview, in which these ideas have arisen. And it's NOT what your worldview is. Whether you are a Christian, whether you are a secular, whether you are a Muslim, whether you are an old-school Marxist... it is NOT the way that you think about the world. Those people all believe in objective truth. This is a Very Different Fight. These ideas are concerned with one and One Only organizational principle of society, which is Systemic POWER.

If you don't understand these ideas, and all of the other ideas that the *Woke* movement uses in terms of systemic power, you don't understand the ideas at all, and what's going to happen, is you're going to get played. And you're going to get played again. And you're going to get played again. And you're going to get played again. And you're going to say fun words like
"Argh... ya know... they can't mean That... they must mean this more reasonable thing."
, and I'm going to tell you that part of you getting played is them depending upon you to translate their ideas back into 'liberal-eze', the way the people who believe in objective truth, fairness, correspondence to reality, understand those ideas, as people who do not believe that everything in the world comes down to Systemic Power and its operations....."
Looking at YOU Gov. Parson.

If you don't understand that the CRT, SEL & *Woke speak* in general, is unconcerned with reality and truth, and ONLY concerned with Power, and that as we give that power to them they are fully intending to exercise that power over your life, then they are going to destroy you, your children, and your nation, with the greatest of ease. And they're going to be able to do that, partly at least, because too many of We The People didn't want to be bothered with doing even the least of what needs to be done about it.

You've GOT to take the time to understand what they're talking about, and you've got to take it as the absolutely serious assault upon everything you care about, that it IS.

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